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Random Acts of Yum

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Lick any Wendys Ice Cream, slurp any Thickshake or bite into your favourite Hot Dog combination and it's pretty impossible not to smile and think Yum-O....this is seriously good! That's because, whether you're young or old, our treats are all made to instantly take you to your happy place.

It's a reaction that one day got us thinking: is there anything better than enjoying a yummy treat from Wendys?

We decided the answer was easy and that there might just be one thing better - enjoying a delicious Wendys treat for FREE and at a moment when you least expect it!

So we've created something called Wendys Random Acts of Yum. In short, it means we pay a surprise visit to people or workplaces across Australia - providing an unforgettable treat experience through the delivery of some of our famous treats...for free!

And the best news is you can register your workplace or someone you know to receive a Wendys Random Act of Yum - who knows, it could be you enjoying a surprise treat sometime soon!